Thursday, June 23, 2016

Because George Clooney is a man!

Its amazing how they managed to turn father's day too in women's favour...with so many advertisements about wishing happy father's day to single moms. No offence to this idea, it is very touching, but have we seen single fathers being wished Happy Mother's day ever?
Lets be fair, people!
I sometimes wonder under the cloak of women empowerment, are we doing the same that we have fought against for so long? Just something to think about...
This was my immediate reaction to an advertisement I had seen about father’s day, and I immediately posted it as my fb status.
I don’t really put up strong opinions on social forums, actually I hardly put across strong opinions [I have them, and mostly I choose to keep it to myself unless its required to be spoken about]
People have often labelled me as a feminist, and being a feminist according to these people is ‘being a man-thrasher’ I myself initially never knew what exactly feminism was, I read several definitions about it, I heard a lot about it and after a long time, with much consideration and understanding I have figured that whenever something new/a change/ a revolution starts to take place, first comes the misconceptions [major and huge ones] aggressive behaviour [which stems out of these misconceptions] and slowly, steadily the understanding happens followed by the change.
The point I am trying to make her is that in this whole ‘feminism’ era, the true essence is being forgotten and its become more of a war/ competition. The idea is to be equals not to judge who is better. Yes, women have suffered a lot and many are still suffering and its great that today we as a society are trying to give women their rights. But lets give those wonderful fathers, supportive brothers, amazing and understanding life-partners and those fun guy friends their due! These people have encouraged their women to move ahead in life!
Let father’s day be just about the fathers!

P.S – I wrote this post in favour of the men, because George Clooney is a man!! [C’mon people!! ;-)]

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