Thursday, May 4, 2017

My soul decided!

Its been awhile since I have on my blog. I wrote many a times, but none of those musings urged me enough to share it with the world.
I recently took a solo trip to Bali.
Bali had been on my mind since long. When I first pitched the bali-travel plan, sometime last year, I had participants for it. But they had to drop out and for sometime I had stopped thinking about it. The whole idea was taking this trip before or during my 30th birthday. For me turning 30 was huge [I have absolutely no reason for believing so] Then I thought, I am going to turn 30 whether the trip happens or not. And It was a big deal for me so why not go alone?! I nurtured this thought and made up my mind, lets do a solo bali trip before turning 30![I hi-fived myself!]
As the journey date was nearing, my anxiety levels were soaring high! I like being alone, I have been to solo trips within india, but this was not going to be the same, to add to the nervousness were some of my friends saying things like, ‘you’ll get bored or you’ll sit there and cry’ [cliché-frenemies]

The list of crazy thoughts in my mind -
-          What if I get depressed there
-          Wont understand the currency[its crazy, they have notes of 1 lac and then they say things like, latte for 25 thousand, and I am all like giving me 2 mins here]
-         Will get bored
-         Wont be able to just leave everything and come back in two days
-         Will miss my coffee-partner and go insane[this was a crucial one]
-         Will hate being there
These are just to a name a few, [the other zillion irrational, insane thoughts ill pretend I dint have them]

Touchdown bali
The minute I landed in bali, I knew I had made the right decision. It was a 7 nights-8 days trip in a village called junjungan near ubud. It was every single day of telling myself that what an amazing call I took by deciding to come here by myself. The kundalini yoga sessions, spas and the cycling, walking around, the delicious meals and the lovely cafes, streets of ubud, the tropic rains and the perfect sunny days, meeting the master and being by the sea, it all made me want to stay there a bit longer.
 This post is not about Bali tourism. What I am trying to say here is don’t let your anxieties and fears stop you from experiencing the wonderful things life has to offer. And every once in awhile step out of your comfort zone. I would have made a blunder had I given in to my fears. You can avoid these blunders by letting your soul take over. My soul took me to this amazing experience. Where is your soul leading you

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