Monday, May 24, 2010

Rivers have bridges,seas have beaches!

Crying, Cribbing, Complaining, these 3 Cs are something which I come across the most and not with any pride I accept, that even im friendly with theses 3 Cs. But one good thing is that, atleast I realize alongwith that there certain other realizations that have dawned upon me.

1 – 1st and the most important, the 3 Cs are not the solution to anything at all.
2 – By doing so, the only thing you do is spread negativity which echos in the universe and comes back to you itself.
3 – Even your best friend will get irritated with your constant 3 Cs.
4 – You , yourself will be bored of yourself. [ this feeling sucks!]
5 – And you will end up thinking, the world is your enemy [ which btw is utter bull****!]

Well I am not saying that you can completely avoid these 3 Cs, but im very much sure, that you can work on not letting it be the centre of your life.
My friend Purple says’ Its all about knowing which situations you can just walk over, and which ones you can accept and co-live with it and a few ones which you have to sail through!’

And this is very true, there are certain situations in life, which we all can just solve it and walk over it, without letting it affect us, like we would walk over the bridge of a river, we have crossed the river and the view was beautiful!

Now there are some situations which over power us and we feel helpless about it, in such cases, how much ever one tries, is unsuccessful in getting through the situation, hence here, the person should learn to accept and co-live with it, in a matter of time it wont seem like a situation at all, like we enjoy the beaches, as seas are too huge to be crossed over, so we sit beside it and relish its presence!

The most difficult ones are, the ones which you cant cross over, nor can you accept it, you have to walk through it, and you have to experience all sort of pain and difficulty, distress and injustice, betrayal and wounds, but when you will be through it, you will emerge as a winner and looking back at what all you have been through, you will be proud of yourself and you deserve to be, the way a sailor would feel after sailing through a dangerous sea and reaching the shore!

Here I sum up everything in one line, ‘Rivers have bridges, seas have beaches.’ You just need to learn to categorize, which is a river, and which one is a sea! I am trying to do that, even you all start now!