Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Addiction? who cares!

Strange I never wrote about one of my favoritestt! [I know its not a word, but ya that’s how it is!] thing!
I am a born shopoholic, its just that the trait was hidden somewhere in me when I was a kid, coz dint go to shopping often!
It was these huge multi-colored, shapeless frocks that we, [girls of my age, at that time] wore!
I must say, my mom did get good stuff for me, right from matching shoes to socks to frock to hairband !
I started making an opinion about my clothes when I was around 16! And then started the journey to all shopping destinations in my city, and my hidden traits blossomed!
And since then there is no looking back, Shopping gives me a high!
I have heard a lot from people, that I shop a lot, I spend money, I am a brat!
But who cares! Some people – smoke, some – drink, some – party,
Some – go for tours some – buy gadgets, and I – SHOP! I am not guilty,
coz I shop good, I shop quality n I shop style!
If I really like something and don’t buy it, I’m restless & dream about it, for days together, unless I buy it. [ c’mon a good night’s sleep is essential..!]
For me shopping is limited to clothes, footwear & sometime accessories, cosmetics! [that isn’t really too much..!!]
I can skip a meal, but not shopping!
So two things I’m addicted to – Shopping n Movies!
Well, I agree that I shop a lil too much, but then again its an addiction & I LOVE it!
So lets go shopping!


  1. you should b awarded a grand prize to the DUBAI shopping festival....

  2. may u continue shopping for ever :D :D :D

  3. please seek therapy..its blowing a hole in the exchequer!!!!!!

  4. I am not guilty,coz I shop good, I shop quality n I shop style!
    i lyk dis!!!!!!!!!!!1