Monday, July 12, 2010

Destiny - this or that?

So how does this work? Is everything pre-decided? As in absolutely everything? Like is it decided that I will be writing this post on my blog? Is every moment pre decided?
Or is it like every day or every fortnight?
How do we know what exactly are we destined to?
I am a huge destiny believer, I go to astrologers, tarot readers, palmist & every that person who would claim to know my destiny!
Some people consider it as an escape route, but for me it works!
This is what my funda is:-

The all mighty has everything pre-planned for us, but then again it wont be fun enough for him to look down and know everything is happening exactly the way he had planned, so here is how he has planned his entertainment! He has kept two paths for each of us, and if we choose a particular path, again there are two ways!
So basically its fun for him to watch us choose the path and also there is some suspense as in to, which path will we take! And on these selected paths we meet people and then our destiny and theirs get linked!

So you see, its upto us to make the choices, I wont say right choice, bcoz right or wrong is very subjective. I want to say to you all that never discourage yourself from doing something you want to, and your destiny doesn’t allow.Just remember there are two paths, you never know which path is predicted by the mortals!
The bottom line being, the structure is ready, now its for you to decide the interiors! I am having a great experience designing my interiors and meeting the people I love! My destiny has given a lot that I wanted, and I am waiting for a lot more, which I believe I will get some day!

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