Monday, July 5, 2010

And its till eternity...

And its till eternity
Its him, its her and its me
Together we are and will always be
For world, Best friends are we three
Do not label us, I say,
The smile of one, twinkles in the others’ eye
The tears of one, rolls down the cheek of other
Its him who yells, its me who cries, its her who resolves.
Together we are and will always be
you are my 1st love, I tease
You are mine too, he winks
Saxy I call him, tall he stands with his dazzling smile
With him I can walk a thousand mile.
She holds the strings of my life,
Fun we make, we are husband- wife.
Jess I call her, dusky is her color, pretty is her face
With her I can sprint the life race
Together we are and will always be.
Moist are my eyes as I pen my thoughts
For it’s the two of you, my life belongs
I am and will be a part of all your rights and wrongs
Lucky I am , I feel. Blessed I am, I feel
For the world is filled with hatred and greed
My world with the two of you is a treat!
Together we are and will always be
And its till eternity.


  1. Amazing...blessed are the people around u!

  2. Promise.... Pakka till eternity...
    Love u loads baby!!