Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tag continued...

This post is a link of my Nympho Neighbour’s blog... Im writing this just for fun sake and nothing else...!!

4 jobs i have had..

- In 4th or 5th std, I used to make a pack of 9 greeting cards and sell it to my friends at the cost of 40 bucks during teacher’s day!

- I took dance classes alongwith my friend, when i was sixteen and earned 3000/-

- I took English/personality development classes when i was around 19-20

- Now im working at Radio mirchi

4 movies i can watch over and over...

- Hum aapke hai kaun

- Anand

- P.S i love you

- Sisterhood of travelling pants

4 places i have lived in

- My granny ‘s home

- My present home

- In Mumbai, at my bhaiya-bhabhi’s place

- At a friends place in vimanagar

4 t.v shows i love

- Friends

- Hip hip hurray [1st season]

- Mtv and channel V reality shows

- Love stories [ this used to come on zee t.v almost a decade back]

4 places I have vacationed

- Assam

- Jamshedpur

- Lucknow

- Goa

4 favorite dishes

- Dal, chawal, aloo ka bhujiya

- Thin – crust pizza of dominos

- Cafe aroma’s sandwiches

- Chicken tikkas

4 sites

- Gmail

- Facebook

- Blog

- Orkut

4 places i wud rather be now

- In GOA [desperate about it]

- In the balcony

- Long drive[me not driving]

- With joysingh!

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