Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our journey...our backpack!

Traveling is one of the integral parts of all our lives. We all travel, long distances, short ones. Most of us travel everyday to our work places, back home having a fixed journey!

But what most of us havnt realized or have just overlooked the fact that our lives itself is a journey, which I believe is never-ending [I am a believer of re-incarnation] and in this journey of life, we meet all kind of people,

some are accidents [good/bad] some co-incidences [good/bad] some regrets, some longings, some loved, some hatred, some become partners in our journey, we join others in their journeys. Everyone of us have our own path to travel, but at some point or other, we do cross a certain kind of people, and this ‘KIND’ is common between all of us!

- the ones, whom we meet in our childhood/school days, they are the ones who have seen our most innocent side, and if they stick along with you through out your life, nobody else will know you better than them.

- The ones, who were just absolutely so funny, that forever in your life you are talking about the funny incidents, irrespective of you are in touch with them or not!

- The ones, for whom you plain and simply have dislike, without any specific reason!

- The ones who enter in your life when most needed and exit at the right time, you always remain thankful to them!

- The ones with whom you have done the most silliest thing in your life!

- The ones you have thought is right for you,[but you finally end up with someone else, and have no hard feelings for the others]

- The ones who bring the most genuine smile on your face!

- The ones who have loved you forever

The dangerous ones

- the ones who made you feel like a loser

- the ones who show you the most beautiful, unrealistic dreams!

Forbidden one

- The one who manages to leave a tear in the corner of your eyes forever, who manages to rip a part of your heart for ever, who stick on to a part of your memory forever, the one who you keep wanting forever, the one you know is not right for you. The one, whom you carry with you everywhere. The ones who change your life, and make you weak!

Life is a beautiful journey, unlike other journeys, you cant plan it, and that’s why it’s the best, it has loads of happiness for you and also a cloud of sadness, but that’s the fun part of this journey. Im discovering my path for my journey further, and im carrying each experience in my backpack! To everyone out there, have a blissful journey!


  1. y not categorize friends respective to the list ?? :D :D

  2. well, if u notice, i havnt named any relations...

  3. I know that is why i said that

  4. ya, bt thts the point, its a generalized view, dint wanna mention in tht way..