Thursday, September 9, 2010

When the unexpected happens...

Everyone expects, and everybody knows when the expected will happen, how they will re-act to it!

But in the process of thinking about expectations and reactions, something totally unexpected happens and then we are suddenly clueless ,’but this is not how it was supposed to be, now what.’

All our calculations go wrong..all our assumptions go haywire..There are certain things which secretly deep down in your heart, you somewhere thought about it for a split second, but then brushed away that thought, labelling it as ,’Nah, cant happen

And then, happens, and then the thought, ’but this is not how i was supposed to feel.’

The whole point what i am trying to make here and also am keen to know, what would you do when the unexpected happens?

Sometimes i think of just accepting it as the surprise package of life, you can like it or not, but you have to accept it


Sometimes i regret [which is not at all a good idea]


Sometimes i think i could have welcomed the unexpected and made it even more memorable.


Sometimes i think, its LIFE, its supposed to be unexpected!


Sometimes i think, not to think at all!

So what do i do, when the unexpected happens?

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