Sunday, May 16, 2010

My angels

Life without them would be incomplete, for the world they are Akanksha and Anchal, for the relatives, they are chicky and micky, for me they are my angels.
M talking about my 1st cousins, whom always i have regarded as my babies, have seen then grow, from cute little kids to beautiful girls.
I was 5 when they were born [they are of the same age, jus 10 days difference between them]
I saw them for the 1st time and i fell in love with babies! There was nothing more beautiful than them. The 1st time i took them in my arms and i knew i wud love them whole my love like my own babies. I jus wanted to be with them the whole time! Chicky being a cry baby when small, was always in her mother’s arms, so that left me and micky, i remember every moment spend with her,
All those times when i have held her sitting on the stairs in the afternoons or put her off to sleep! All those years when in school i saw them, and felt so cheerful[ we were in the same school]
The 1st time i took them out for movie, their 1st bus ride, small treats, shopping, the night overs, fun bike rides[this used to be the best one!] , going to the school together! WOW!
Now they are grown-ups and i feel very protective towards them specially now as now they will be stepping into the REAL world..! I feel so surprised when i get to know they are tastes about music or films or they discussing worldly matters, but jess tells me, that they no more are kids, and it is a little difficult to digest that!
I am glad i have been a part of their growing up, i was scared i would miss that[when i shifted to another house]
Chicky, micky, you both mean a lot to me, and will always be my babies and where ever i am, i will always be there for the two of you. So be it anything, you know that this sister of yours is at your service! Love you both!