Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wishes come true...[wanted to unwanted]

My 23rd bday turned out to be undoubtedly one of the best till now... Why?
Just one reason- My wishes came true!
I have always wondered about this whole concept of,' How i wish my wishes would come true.'
But do you really know what are your wishes? what do you really want? Are you sure?
There have been so many times, that i have wished for something with all my heart, have prayed day in - day out for it, have made sure that the world knows about my desperation for that particular wish.
And then...
It happens!!! The wish just comes true out of nowhere, when you are least expecting it!
So the expected emotion should be of extreme happiness, right? But here is where life shows its true color. It suddenly dawns upon you that, 'Aright, i know i wished for this, and i got it, but now the question is, do i really want it now? i wanted it i want it now?'
And now it seems, that the wish i was so desperate for, is not in my wish-list anymore!
i already have a new desperation...and again a desire to achieve that!
And then...
what do we do...blame God for not listening to us ever. But if i start to think about it...its not really true! He does listen to us, but He has to listen to all of us and not just one, so He does need sometime to listen and then fullfil them. And we dont give Him time, guess we are too much in a hurry! and in this fast paced world , when the wishes we wanted come true, they become unwanted! and then we crib/complain, 'Our wishes never come true.'
So lets be a little more sure about our wishes and learn to be happy on their fullfillment!
something which i hope i'll learn soon!

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