Friday, May 14, 2010

I remember...

These days I approx spend around 2 hrs on my bike everyday, and as I cant stop my thoughts running in my brain, it’s the pleasant ones which keep me smiling along the 60km/day ride!
There are certain memories which we never forget,
Like the 1st movie you go without telling at home and then you are clueless about the way back home!
The 1st time when someone says you,’I love you’ and means it, and you are too shy to reply back, hence you just say, ‘Me too’.. !
The 1st kiss.. [blush..blush]
When your saxy best friend take you out on a drive after a heart-break!
When you call your soulmate - best friend and just laugh out your heart
When you keep names for people you like/dislike…
Likes- saxy, tharki, j.j/fatanglu, kuchi/shona, HDB, KBJ, maathya!
Dislikes – dementor, ghost,
All the CCD, AROMA trips, mastering games like ludo and uno!
And those times when your having a zig-zag ride on the bike, u never know from which side of the bike your face will greet the road! But as long as you are holding on to the person and shouting your lungs out, you are fine!
When you just hug that person and cry n cry n cry, n then you feel good!
You walk out of your home and just enter your soulmate-bestfriend’s home for a night over, you fit into her night dress and you feel good about it!
You have your life’s 1st whiskey, with the people you love around you, the dogs you don’t love also around you and then you snuggle up with the dogs and saxy!
You get drunk and call people whom you wudnt call when your not drunk!
You spend days and hours into malls, trying the same outfit again n again and making the other person tell you, ‘it looks really pretty…buy it’ and then you make a sweet-sad face and say, ‘ I cant afford it, besides when would I wear it’
Your 1st trip to lonavala, your journey to Pune to goa, and way back!
The 1st time beach experience, the 1st tattoo!
All those times when your waken up with that special one’s call!
All those times when your near-dear ones call you at odd hours just to simply talk!

I can go on and on and on, as my 2 hr-60 km/day journey will continue for long now!
I just want to give a big hug and muah... muah, to all those people who have helped me make such precious, lovable memories, and I wanna tell them all… I REMEMBER!