Thursday, August 5, 2010

Choices – How many?

This thought has been in my mind for sometime now, just dint get time to pen it down.

So this is what I was thinking, have you ever thought about that in our daily life, we have to make infinite number of choice, some, or rather many of them are choices made by our sub-conscience.

Like –

When u wake up in the morning, the side u get up from,

When you wear your slippers, is it right first, left first or both together..

Let me get funnier...

When you sipping the coffee/milk/tea, you take your 1st sip, and the time gap between the 2ndsip!

I know this sounds maddening, but isn’t it true?

Then there the usual choices, like choosing a dress to wear, to leave your hair open or tie it..etc..

And there are the important choices like career, marriage..

The point what I want to make is that the synonym of LIFE is CHOICE!

refer to -

Imagine, had Amitabh bachchan , had caught that train and returned back!?

There wouldnt have been an AMITABH BACHCHAN!

Everything depends on the choice we make, as I chose to write this post!


  1. Good one Ansh. Interesting thought.
    Synonym of life is choice!
    Very well put :)