Monday, April 19, 2010


Temptation, i love the sound of this word, very classy, if said in the right way, very naughty!
I am one person, who doznt believe in curbing down the temptation, which btw is very harmful, and i am aware of it! Well till date my temptations haven’t really caused any harm to me other than SCREWING up bits n pieces of my life journey! I wouldn’t want to regret it, though i could have mend it! But why are most of the things we tempt for ‘not supposed to be tempted for’ by the law of society.
My friend purple says,’ I would go in hell, coz all i tempt for are cad-bs, ice-creams, cheese popcorn, cold coffees, higher level- LOVE and the taboo be precise-passionate love-making! So according to the rules, i sure get a ticket to hell!
There i put on my thinking hat again, wondering, what’s the harm? I mean, aright i agree anything in excess is not good for a healthy lifestyle. But then who decides where the forbidden line should be drawn? How much more is excess? This is where experience comes in, i guess. Experience tells you not exactly, but approximately what and how things should be done under similar situations [it can only be similar, as no 2 situations can be ditto the same]. Should i put it in this way that ’temptations are supposed to be sinful!’ thats exciting, and i guess that a lil bit of sin should be committed by each one of us, and i am sure we all know in this case, where the forbidden lines have to be drawn!
Purple and I are still working on our forbidden lines which keep changing with the evolving environment around us! For ex. purple had sworn she will never drink [read alcohol] but a couple of days back, she gulped down a huge peg of neat whiskey and was drunk! But she says
i have no regrets for crossing my lines here, it was with the best people in my life and it was an experience, dint like the taste though, maybe a vodka next time! ;-)
At this moment my bed seems too tempting to resist, for SLEEPING, i meant! wink..wink!!

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  1. That's what it is .. everyone has the right to have fun.. and these so called temptations... are just a way to have fun just for matter good or bad ..but plain fun ;)