Friday, August 6, 2010

And, i'm not over it...

Complication is a word I guess an individual understand the meaning at a very young age, and experiences it through out the life.

The self war is the most disturbing and causes damages, which might not be visible by naked eyes, but it decays a huge part of a person acting as a dementor. [courtesy - Harry potter]

The solutions to control this damage, which I have found seems temporary and I’m still in look out for permanent ones.

I know time is the best healer, but let time take its time, I want to find my own way out for peace, peace for my inner self, peace for my well-being, peace for my people around me[who would get affected by my destruction] and more over everything, the peace I DESERVE. Because again,

I can feel the dark clouds hovering,

The monsters evil laughter.

The ticking clock’s devlish smile,

Refusing to let time heal the wounds.

The fidgety quarrels of mind and the heart

Oh, its so annoying, this feeling,

This feeling of being trapped,

Trapped in your existence.

Existence which will be till the end.

End… i wish, it to be happy,

Happiness is what I promise to myself!

So here is for me, and for all those who are not over it yet. Lets find another sword, another weapon, Im sure, someday soon, It will conquer over the sadness, the pain, the COMPLICATION!