Monday, August 9, 2010

I want...i dont care...

The earliest memories I have of my childhood are the times I have always been dreamy and lived in my own imaginary world, I had my own set of imaginary friends, my own idea of finding my prince charming, my romantic moments! I also knew and had heard people saying, that when one grows up, childhood beliefs and ideas fade out or they take another shape, basically they become more practical. I thought this would apply to me also.But I guess it dint, though at times I try pushing these ideas of mine somewhere behind my mind, just trying to be someone what others say. But after a time, I am back to myself.

Im still a princess with a satin gown,

Im still a princess with a diamond crown,

My believe in my ideas are still the same

Sometimes I pretend, but I know its lame

I want,

I want those stolen kisses, those bunch of flowers,

Those romantic moments, those dance in rain showers!

I don’t care,

I don’t care if its not real, I don’t care if its bizarre

I was a kid then, I am young now, I will be old tomorrow.

But always will I be a princess with a satin gown.

But always will I be a princess with a diamond crown.

There are times, when I am given a reality check, there are times when I witness ugly incidents, there have been times when I have gone through hell, but I don’t know what is it that still makes me hold to my fantasy land. I wonder what is it?