Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Post 29 - My shining star!

A day of nothing but pure joy, 
contentment and 
understanding of the thought,
It happens at the right time’!
My best friend is a C.A now![finally]
We have seen her struggling,
ofcourse only she will know
how she walked through it, 
we were mere witnesses encouraging her!
She walked the road, confused at times,
lost and weary, but not for a moment 
did her determination weaken!
I am proud of her today! And I feel glad I was a part of her journey! I know she has way ahead to go, with all her ambitions and dedication she is going to continue to shine [My favorite star she is!]
I have always felt that I am a blessed person, one of my blessings is she!

Congratulations baby, You deserve every bit of happiness and love!

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