Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Post 15 - Affirmations

I trust the process of life’ 
This was my first affirmation! 
I was introduced to affirmations by my friend Prerna. 
Affirmations are simple[positive] sentences which help us bring in great changes in our lives.[if practiced on regular basis]

My experiences with affirmations -

 - They help me break patterns, as they work on a sub-conscious level!
 - At times where I have been stuck at the same point[stagnancy] , Affirmations have helped me remove those blocks.
- My faith in me has increased!
- I have realized the power of ‘me’ and ‘my energy’
- Affirmations have widened my horizon and given me various perspectives [which has helped in various parts of my life]
I have used affirmations for every part of my life, relationships, health, prosperity, abundance, clarity of mind/thoughts and understanding myself better! Each time I start a new affirmation, my conviction is stronger than the previous one!
Its amazing how a single affirmative sentence can change your course of life!

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