Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Post 30 - Another beginning...!

Today ends my ’30 days commitment’ of writing a new post everyday!
First of all the things,I am very happy that I could do it, without missing a single day! It is my mini achievement! 
[I am tapping my shoulder, now!] 
During these 30 days I realized where my thoughts queue up, when left lose! I believe, I opened up more,[to new perspectives, new ideas]
These 30 days, made me adapt better with myself, made me like myself more! I find myself at a better place today and I know, it is just going to get better day-by-day!
Life is good! Yes there are some chapters we don’t like, but then again, the story would be incomplete if any chapter goes missing, and life will always be the book worth the read!
I would like to thank all the people who read my posts. In a way they were a part of my this ’30 day commitment’ series!
I will continue to write, lets see what my next post would say, who knows? Not even me!

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