Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Post 16 - Random me...

Life is not what will happen tomorrow or what has happened is ‘NOW’ 
This is what I have recently discovered and come to believe it. I consider myself very blessed for my mere existence, I got the opportunity to live in this world, to experience life. Yes, I have my lows, and there are times that I crib, but then I realize this is the process of life and I trust it.
In this fun trip called ‘life’.I wish to learn more, know more, share what I have and enjoy abundance of joy.
Another factor I have recently figured out is that problems are not problems, but just unknown situations. We all have the fear of unknown, hence we name it ’problem’.  

Apart from various experiences,[through which I have got some understanding of life] ‘Writing’[blog posts, poems] has played an important role. I enjoy writing, have been writing since a very early age. It is the best way to understand oneself! I believe writing helps us get intimate with our own life, we develop a relationship with ourselves!
I shall continue writing about 'stuff' and life and random me!

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