Saturday, July 13, 2013

Post 22 - Its the Fitness way...

I have always been fond of working out it could be because I own a gym or the other way round,, who knows! I have grown up working out! And one thing I have learned in these years, that if you are fit physically and emotionally, half of your battle of life is won! Fitness is indeed the key for a blessed life!
I have tried many kind of workouts, but today was one of the best - 'Kettle bells' they provide strength training, cardio, balance and flexibilty all in one, for more details click here - Kettlebell

I am so grateful to have a chance to know about this and would like to thank my friends Girija and Rohan for this!My gratitude mode is high again! Thank you life for introducing me to new experiences every now and then! Just one thing people 'Do Not underestimate the power of fitness and fitness doesnt mean being slim or fat!'

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