Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fools rush in...

Is it really a big deal being single? For my friend it is, let me call her Purple.
For Purple being single is a very big deal, because 1st time in the last 4 years, she is single.
She has had a series of relationships over these four years, none were flings, she always thought,
this will work.’ But it dint, and she is not at all phishing for sympathy as she doesn’t regret anyone of them.
The point is that today at this moment, she is single. It is a little weird for her, as she says, ‘I never thought i would ever be single again.’ Well, thats some statement she made, but even her friends thought on the similar lines.
If you ask her how does it feel to be single, she will ponder upon her thoughts and end up saying, that she isn’t sure about her feelings, but everything has a reason, one has to wait and watch, what it is.
1 area which she thinks she made mistake was that she got into relations one after the other, without giving herself anytime to come out of her previous break up. And she thinks that this might be one of the reasons that her relations dint work. One advice from purple, ’Folks, how much ever tempting it may seem, even if its the dream person in front of you, do NOT rush. Coz if it has to happen, it will happen anyways, so take time to cross over one phase to another, only FOOLS RUSH IN!’
Another point which she noticed is that she always directly got into a relation, without being friends with the person, and somehow the person who becomes her friend, does not become her partner.Interesting! on this she says,’ I always find this friends turning into partners totally wonderful, also there is a chance of losing a gr8 friend, if that relation doesn’t work, but then again, the brighter part is that being friends, both of them are aware of each others behaviour pattern and hence can adjust accordingly, so its a good idea, i always wanted something of this sort, never happened though.
So finally Purple is single now, happy or not,or the fact that she is in love with her past, is another issue all together, right now she is just experiencing this new phase. We all are very anxiously waiting to see, what happens next.

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