Monday, April 12, 2010

Species, which will never extinct!

I love doubt at all,i get along very well with them, but over 22 years, with careful observations and analysis, i have come to a conclusion that there are these certain species of men which will never extinct. And the the ones mentioned below are on my hit list!

Mr. Know it all
These kinds are found everywhere, the constant effort to show off their general knowledge, makes the person sitting with them feel like give the Mr. Know it all some knowledge about himself that how extremely boring, dull and annoying they sound..
So all you Mr know it all out you all know how it feels if someone actually pours a cup of steaming hot coffee over your head and yells out at you in a crowded coffee,’YOU SUCK!’

Mr. Desperate
I have to tell you guys, this incident. I met a school mate of mine after really long we started a casual conversation, which disgustingly turned into how desperately he is waiting to get laid! Ugh! Common dude,get a grip! These men seem so desperate and make it so obvious that even their female friends find it awkward sitting with them,
So Mr. Desperate, when the time is right, you all will get laid someday, STOP scandalizing the girls around you, it will just reduce your chances!

Mr. Dementor
'I don’t have a gf..'sob..sob.'.i have a gf..'sob..sob..'my life sucks..'sob..sob..'your life doesn’t suck..'sob..sob...GAWD! these people have the God gift of draining all the happiness from their environment, thats why i call them the dementors[ courtesy- harry potter]
WARNING- Strictly stay away from such people, they have no cure, they will suck away your happiness.

Mr. Experience
They have experienced all the situations in their lives , which their friends have, amazingly, its ditto the same situation. And they have supposedly overcomed the situation victoriously, hence everyone should take their advice.
Such men should be left in the zoos and then their experience should be asked, 'how does it feel when people throw nuts at you from the otherside of the cage?'

Mr. Macho
Girls HATE you!

Unfortunately all these men mentioned above have no cure and the disease is contagious, with time they get even better with their antics, which leaves us looking up in the sky and questioning - WHY?

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