Monday, April 5, 2010

Whats in a name?

Last night i was chatting with Aftab [ a friend of mine, who likes to think he is a specimen]. Through normal friendly chat, we drifted to relationship topic, which btw often happens when people talk to me. Yesterday’s chat kept me thinking about is it necessary that every relation has to have a name. I always thought that the answer to my this question is NO, but for sometime i had become a little flexible about my thought, but then again I am back to my original thinking. And i am sure many of us come across such relations in life, just that our brains have been fed right from the childhood that every relationship has a name. They all are just so used to giving names, its a friend, or a boyfriend or a girlfriend or best friend etc. But as i grew up, met various people, got to know them, I realized its not true. I have come across a few relations in my life which i feel never suited any of the relationship category and i also realized that if such relationships are forced up with names, they are screwed royally.[this was the only term i could think of to put across my thought strongly!]
There are certain people in life, who are more than friends, but cant be your best friend, nor your partner, inspite of you being romantically inclined towards that person[to a small extent]. Then what do you name it? My strong advice- Just let it be, you will relish the relationship.
Now the next doubt would be, about the limits and boundaries in it and how much ever people try to make it sound complicated, its not. Its upto the 2 people to decide their limits and stick to it! SIMPLE.
Lastly i want to say that there is no harm in having anonymous relationships, they are as special as the other ones, infact i guess, they are more special as they are rare!

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