Monday, April 5, 2010

She was till in love...Eternal end...

Sitting on the sill , she witnessed sunsets and sunrises,
With every sunset, her heart sank,
But every ray of sun, brought along hopeful cries.
Sleepless nights she has spend, in desolation
The wet pillows portrayed her depression,
‘I dint break your trust, my baby i swear,
I have loved you, and for you i always care,
I know its hard for you, life always is not fair,
But your trust on my sleeves i wear.
I dint break your trust , my baby i swear.
You will rule my heart forever,
None can take your place, ever
Happiness may you always seek,
Content be your life and never you be weak,
Here , i walk away from your life,
Leaving behind for you all my prayers,
Never will i hurt you again, the thought itself is rare.
I dint break your trust , my baby i swear.
I love you baby’, she sighed,

She dint face herself today, not even tried
Never will she picture again her as his bride.
The spark in her eyes were eternal,
She was in love and will always be,with pride.


  1. Totally amazing !!!!.. especailly the last line :)

  2. feels strange after finishing it..!