Thursday, April 1, 2010

LOVE - the word says it all..!!

Again love..! I just cant get enough of it..and can talk about it for whole my life,
The common public have various views and perceptions about love. People go seeking for advices about love lives, how to keep it happy, how to make it survive etc.. I DONT CARE, what they have to say about it, simply don’t. Many times i have tried listening to them and paying heed to their advices, but nah...thats not me.. It must be working for the world out there, but doesn’t work for me, coz i belong to a different world, its my own world and i have built it in the last 22 years of my life with utmost care, love and passion and absolutely nothing in this world can bring me out of my own world, rather i don’t want to. And why should I? Isn’t this world already over crowded? In my world, I believe, love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to anybody. Nothing better like a successful love story. But what if it fails? So what ? I know it hurts..hurts deeply, but i believe its all worth it coz its LOVE and not everybody is lucky enough to have experienced it. My family, friends often tell me, life isn’t a movie. I disagree, life is a love story, where we romance with love, pain, sorrow, injustice.
And i believe that alike movies, my life too will have a happy ending. I wont give in to the pressure of this world, never. I love my world, i love movies and i believe, life is a movie its just longer than 3 hours. And successful or not, Love is the most beautiful feeling ever. If its love, it can never be a mistake. So people out there, experience love without the fear of the end result. If it works, you are the luckiest one, if it doesn’t, you still are lucky to have just been into it.

[I just watched bridget jones-the edge of reason. Its 2 in the night and i feel all happy and in love, i know, its just a stupid love story for many, but for me its a love story and that says it all!!]


  1. perfecto..!!!... ur d Queen of your world... :).. and u have the biggest power wid u.. LOVE...

  2. :) exactly...I am the queen and my kingdom shall have its king sumday!

  3. love is something u need to feel to kno bout it... wats the exact definition of love, probably u wont come up with an answer, but ya its the best thing tht can happen to someone,,, i love to be in love,,,, hey anshu have u seen the movie notebook,,, if not than it is a must watch.... u'll love it.. cheers grl for ur words they are awesome....