Saturday, April 3, 2010

She was still in love...That night..

They were nervous, they were excited,
They looked into each other eyes, stood there together,
Should we, shouldn’t we? Was the question further.
That night the moon was the brightest..
Their heartbeats were the fastest..
They stepped closer and closer,
He bend a little, she raised a little,
Around her waist, he wrapped his arms,
Their lips touched and it was a blissful charm,
That night was of burning desire,
Their love was passionate and on fire.
Laid on the bed, he kissed her face,
She closed her eyes, he played with her dress lace,
His hands ran over her body with a slow pace,
With her hands, she cupped his face,
‘Baby, I love you, and i mean the most tonight,
Just you i want to feel me this way,for rest of my life.’
He kissed her back and hugged her tight,
She moaned in soft voice,
As they made love the whole night.
The morning next was beautiful,
woke up she in a wrapped bedsheet,
Shy she was and smiled she.
With her hands, made the bed neat.
Today she knew, she was complete.

It was the same bed, the same moon,
She wore the same dress, that night which he undressed,
Once again her heartbeats raced...
She ran to face herself..the spark was still there,
She was still in love.