Wednesday, February 9, 2011

7 day positivity - Wednesday, the 9th

'Try to find happiness in small things' is one piece of advice which anybody and everybody distribute around the world. Wonder how many of them actually find that tiny-winy bit of happiness? Its is a very ‘KOOL’ or ‘IN’ thing to say!

Today I have decided to practice what we ALL preach! Yes, I was contemplating it for long now, but I chose today, its 9th [multiple of 3(my favorite no) ] and its Wednesday[ its mid week, one of my favorite day]! These reasons might look silly to many, but for me they are reasonable. So I begin today the 7 day positivity, where for next 7 days I will write at least 5 things for which I am thankful.

Wednesday, the 9th

1 – I am blessed to be born in the era of Lata Mangeshkar. While writing this, I am hearing her, and for me she is God. Her voice for my ears are pure magic!

2 – I am thankful to Rj Aditi for flaunting my wardrobe [rather a very small part of it] amongst her friends. I love praises, specially when its for my apparels!

3 – To Prerna, for being a part of my madness yesterday and we bought exactly same set of phones! Oh! It was fun!

4 – To that night, when we had a night out at saxy sardar’s place, and for the 1st time I experienced a high!

5 – For there being a computer, because I would have hated to write this with a pen [lazy I am]

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