Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday, the 11th

As I open my word document to continue with my 7 day positivity activity I feel all happy and excited and I keep looking at the screen for the document to open fast!

1 – The 1st thing I would like to thank today is, TODAY, yes, it has been a very beautiful day so far and has given me all good, vibrant and enthusiastic energy. Its one of those days, which I totally love, and don’t care about anything! Huge thanks to all such days which have come in my life and which will come ahead!

2 – For me being born here in Pune, to my parents, [there are several reasons for this, but for today there is just one] and that is Bryan Adams concert in pune!! And yes I am going!

3 – To all those people who have gifted me such wonderful gifts, which I have decorated on my desk and I love my desk, its [one of] my comfort space at my work place!

4 – For me having the ability to hear, because I hear radio/music all day long and I love it, especially when now I am hearing about the Bryan adams concert tonight!

5 – For there being malls [for obvious reasons!]

6 - For there being a camera, I have tons and tons of pictures of me[self obsessed I am, is what many say] and my friends, and love looking at them and remembering the moments when they were clicked!

I have realized one thing, when I start writing, I get so hyper active that there is cyclone of though in my mind. And the thoughts that come out of that cyclone are the ones that I pen down!

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  1. I think the last para is the best!
    ...the thoughts that come out of the cyclone are the ones that I pen down!