Sunday, February 6, 2011

My girl friends...!

I have never had many girlfriends, always got along very well with the guys, [havn't figured out the reason yet, don’t feel the need either]. Today, i am proud to have those few girls, who have been in my life, and seen me through my most sober, to most bitchy times. And today i want to thank them for not only being a mere spectator of my life, but being a part of the role i’ve played these 23 years of my life!

Jessy Joy

'you know me, you know her’. I wouldn’t even try counting years for how long we have been together, have lost count. People have always seen and known us together. If its 10.30 in the night, I might call someone else and not her to tell the reason for my trouble. [ She goes into the world of slumberland after 10.30 pm] But i will never have to relate the whole incident to her, she knows me so well, that just a word out from me, and she would know what is wrong with me! We literally live each other’s life and dare anyone point a figure to her or me! Then toh you are goneee!

P.S - our combination is incomplete without saxy sardar!

Priyanka Menon

Its been a wonderful 3 years [approximately] with menon! This girlfriend of mine is as honest, deceitful, adventurous, judgemental, nympho, mad, loving, sincere, passionate, and emotional as I am! [ I know you would agree with each and every adjective i have used here.. ;-)] After spending half of my life with My best girlfriend Jessy, i met menon and thought, ’it would be nothing but fun..!’ and its been so true, living each other’s fantasies! ;-) We both believe, ’we do what we like, if you appreciate, we like it, if you bitch, we love it more!’

P.S - Our combination is incomplete without fatanglu

Dimple Shivarajan

What do i tell about my little sweet and sexy daughter! The world calls her dabba, for me she’ll always be my dimps! It’s said that all big things come in small packages and she is a perfect example of it! You cant miss her and if you meet her once, you cant forget her, she does have a charisma, which cannot go unnoticed!

P.S - our combination is incomplete without N.N and P.P...!

Penaaz sheikh

Met her around 9 months back just doesn’t seem so. She is the 1st face I look for when I enter or exit my office! Around 12 in the night if my sms tone beeps, i know it is her. Not a chance we let go of chit-chatting stupid silly things! There are a lot more things i have to say about her and us, but it could be a little controversial, [I'm sure you will understand... ;-)]

P.S - Our combination is incomplete without Mohan

We all are different, but yet alike. What bonds me to them is my abundance love for them, my addiction to them, not a chapter i want in my life without my sweethearts! Luv you so much my girls! You all are simply beautiful, awesome and mind blowing girls!

P.S – other thing that bonds us, is the love for shopping and detestation towards people with bad dressing sense![ I know its not cool, but that is how we are, in our own very way, sexy, hottie bitches!]


  1. true to the core . :D :D :D :D :D :D

  2. awww you loads..muah!

  3. Pretty good! Nicely it a part of the thankful series??

  4. isnt...though m very thankful to them..!! the series is yet to come!