Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday, the 12th

And here goes my thank you list...

1 – I am thankful that i have a car, It does burn a lot of money, my leg hurts at times driving in the mad traffic, but nevertheless I love driving my car, don’t have to worry about anything, when i am in my car!

2 – I thankful that there is something called is CURDS. I love applying curds to my hair, It makes it clean, smooth, shiny and so soft[ i just applied it!]. and it does not cost me!

3 – Thankful to my brother Abhishek, to introduce me to the world of Harry potter, who instilled reading habit into me and who helped me build in the bollywood madness in me.

4 – To my cousins chicky-micky! They are my babies!

5 – To Eric Segal, for all the books! I love them all, and my favourite is DOCTORS!

6 – To Deepti, Penaaz and Ninad to give me the name CINDRELLA [ for what ever reason it is!] i like it!

7 – For there being an action like a, ‘KISS and a SMOOCH’...! [I am sure, all of us would be thankful for it..! ;-)..]

Had been home today for just few hours to surprise my mom! And she told me that even she is following this activity i told her to..! And i don’t know if she feels any change, but i saw how she was extremely excited about our love birds laying eggs. All the while i was there; she kept insisting me to come up the terrace to see them! I kept thinking about it all the way when i was driving back from my home.I loved seeing her this way today!


  1. best post among all the happy posts till date .

  2. well I hope your not overdoing the action 'a k and a s"....