Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday, the 10th

Its that time of the day to thank! To be grateful!

1 – to the song ‘you sang to me’ by Marc Anthony, I am listening to it right now and I listen to it always! I just love it!

2 – to the song ,’when you know’ from the movie serendipity! And to all utterly mushy, stupidly romantic films! I am in love with romance and I romance love, these two feelings/emotions make me and I am thankful to them!

3 – For having Penaaz near me, I am extra thankful for having her in my office.

4 – I am thankful to My job, Radio Mirchi, for giving me some really nice people, some great moments, and some lessons!

5 – Thankful to Prachir, Prerna, and Manisha for giving me Mirchi!

6 – To my new phone, it was totally awesome chatting last night from my new phone!

7 – For the colour PURPLE!

When I decided on doing this 7 day positivity activity, Mohan told me, from the 3rd day it will get repetitive.

Today just being the second day, when I started writing, I realized, there are just so so so many things to be thankful to!