Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday, the 13th

Today is my 5th day of 7 day positivity activity and today i want to thank those people of whom i don’t have to be worried of being judged or give them justifications. These are the people, i can be absolutely myself!

1 – Joysingh – jessy and baldeep, both these names will always come together in my life always! Describing the relation i share with them is beyond my words. I love you jess and love you my saxy! Muah!

2 – Fatanglu and Menon[priyanka] – Fatanglu who has seen/accepted/tolerated all my tantrums and mood swings without a single complain! And Menon, well...hush...hush...giggle..giggle...look here and there...giggle...hush...[to the 3rd person] what were you saying...

3 – Maathya – have had some of the best of time with him. The crazy bike rides and trips to sheesha, sitting on the footpath, gymming together and just being totally mad!

These are few people who affect my day to day life, most of the times making each day memorable[ it could be fun, awesome, not so good, bad at times...but always memorable!]

4 – penaaz and ninad – for obvious reasons!

5 – The MA team – penaaz[again], vinay, shraddha and the others. All the bournville moments, gossips, tiny-winy work. It is awesome with you guys!

6 – The programming team[my team], Aditi, Smita, Roshan, Ninad, Mrunmayee, Yogesh, Sarang, Ashish and sherry. All those songs, leg pulling, teasing, laughters, all fun. A full on fun team!

7 – i am very very very thankful to aroma cafe[the pradhikaran one]

8 – And for there being rivers and seas and beaches! I love water, love being beside it, it is the most pleasant sight for me! [thats why my love for Goa..!]

While writing this, my heart is filled with abundance of gratitude for everything around me. I am glad i am doing this!

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