Tuesday, March 30, 2010

She was still in love...The call..

She is fine, she pretends,
Wants to be immune to pain, she intends,
Keeps looking at her phone for hours,
Always keeps its near, not far..
Just once wants to hear his voice,
Just once wants him to say, ’How is my princess doing?’
Looks at her phone in a minute twice..
Wonders she, ’will the sting heal.. is there a choice?

Looks at her phone again,
Should i make the call.., should i say, i miss you,
Her fingers move on the digits, but in vain,
Scared she is, what if he doznt answer,
What if he says, ‘Dont call, don’t give me pain.'
Quickly aside she keeps the phone,
Still wondering, still thinking...
What if he speaks in uncaring tone ?
'I don’t love you anymore, Your my princess no more..'
Instead of hearing this, its better to be lone,
Thought she, wants to believe
He will call sumday, and not leave,
Lets start all new, we will take a step few..

The phone rang, She quickly answered,
‘Is that you, about you i was thinking.’
But it wasn’t him, the phone she kept,
And ran to face herself, looked into her eyes' depth..
The spark was still there, She was still in love.


  1. n u said u dont write well ... :*:*

  2. hmmm...i stil dont believe i write well...
    its jus tht my feelings are true...nt fake..!

  3. n thats how every writer writes :) :)

  4. frankly speaking...these poems drain me emotionally..

  5. it drains out the emotions which are meant to be expressed in any way possible

  6. u know i hate ur prince charming more n more with each poem u write.......
    hoping and wishing that you start anew again

  7. ya.. its all prince charming's fault...maybe he shud write a few poems as well..