Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Post 1 - Commitment...

[My first post of the '30 days commitment'  each day a new post, each day discovering a little more! 30 days of knowing myself better!]

Oxford dictionary defines commitment as, ’the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.’
Commitment, something that I am trying to figure out recently. Something which I did not really think about much a few months back. It was just a random word, used frequently in and around.
But as we move ahead in life, we come across various concepts, some we let it pass by [we might probably come to it later sometime] and some we get hooked to, trying to understand it. I am trying to understand, ‘commitment’ the need and the place for it in my life.

I came across this very interesting pattern. Interesting because, I have been through the lower two phases, infact I till use it in an itsy-bitsy manner! But majorly, at this moment, I am on the third level, 'compliance'. Yes, I am trying to bridge the gap and reach the 'I will do it' phase.

Why commitment?
I realized out of all the fun and weird stuff, learnings and lessons stuff that I have been doing for all these years, I have been lacking commitment [towards myself]

When it struck me?
The time I realized I want a commitment from the external world, from other people, is when I looked inside and questioned myself, Am I committed in any way to myself? what was surprising is that I couldn't give an affirmative answer immediately, i had to think!
I have taken myself for granted for a really long time [we all do it.]
as cliche as it sounds, I decided to make a commitment to myself, for my well-being, my happiness, my inner peace. 
Once I started this, I started getting my answers from the universe/external world also.
The process is still on, may more answers to get.
I believe eventually i will get, and then there will be new questions too!
Lets us all Commit if nothing more than atleast ' to live a GOOD life!

P.S - In the journey of discovering commitment, I am taking some help from my blog! Its a 30 day commitment of writing. 30 new posts!

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