Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Post 8 - Thank you 'Zeus'!

I lived with pets half of my life...I had two dogs, they were lovely, but I could never really be friendly with them [I was always scared of them] Yes, I loved them a lot, they are no more now and I fondly remember them, but I could never hold them, play with them. 

This continued uptill recently!
I don’t have my own pets now, but I have some of my favorite pets of my friends! And out of all I love ‘zeus’ the most! ‘zeus’ the cat! He is amazing, full of energy, doing funny things and everytime i am surprised by him!
I noticed one thing, As i became friendly with animals, I became friendly with myself too. I feel more grounded, my horizon towards life expanded. My belief in infinite possibilities strengthened and I found more love within me!
Thank You Zeus!

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