Sunday, June 30, 2013

Post 13 - Life my cocktail!

You could be drunk with none at all
I could be sober with a neat and on the rocks
Dont you curse my martini,
Not a word for my margarita
You judge me by what I hold in my hands,
I am glad,
you show me what level your brain stands
You put at display, set of your values
Some yours, some read, some heard
My display is me, my inside is me
It is all me, none read, none heard
With a beer, when I say cheers,
Don’t you narrow those eyes and
Give me names
Just be ok with me, don’t be lame
No harm I am upto, No bad I do
Its just a small gesture, in my way
As I take a sip, 
I sigh and say
The best cocktail is ‘life’
I cherish it night and day!

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