Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Post 2 - 'Now'!

So today I visited my school [had some work]. Was there for about 15 minutes, and in those few moments I had my 12 years of life flash in front of me! And then I realized, those were the BEST 12 years!
It was the same jittery feeling when I entered the office, I suddenly became more aware when I saw the principal! I still had the urge to ring the school bell! [ I should have done it, I wouldn’t have been punished!!]

I feel the most grateful today towards life, because when I look back, I realize, I have more reasons to smile than to be sad!
Look at the irony, [its a cliché, still] back then in school, all we thought was of future[growing up] and today most of us would agree with me, when I would say, ‘lets go back to school, it was so much more fun!’ 
Where is the ‘NOW’? We have never lived the ‘NOW’.
Keeping everything aside, if we come to think of, only ‘now’ is the truth, only ‘now’ is real and the power of ‘now’ is often underestimated.

At this very moment, I choose to live in my ‘Now’, and I already feel good about it, because my ‘now’ has everything that I ever wanted!
I am a superwoman, and my power is, the power of now!

 P.S - 1) Though I believe, had it not been for my school, I still would have had you guys, but anyways, 'Thank you, St. Ursula, for giving me life's best gift, Jess and Saxy!'

         2) I wish to thank all my classmates [and few batchmates!] to make the beginning of my life so beautiful. It will always be cherished! Lots of love! Thank You all!

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