Friday, June 21, 2013

Post 4 - Magic with yarn... 'Mandala'

Its amazing how one can weave their inner most thoughts/ feelings on sticks with yarn! With the all those colours and patterns, comes out the solutions for the biggest problems! And I am so glad that I got to learn this amazing art of weaving mandalas!
I just clicked immediately with Mandalas. It works like ‘google’ for me! Giving me my answers!
After every mandala I make, I feel happy, content and the best part that I have realized about myself in this process is, that I really enjoy sharing the good in life with people around me! Not once have I made a mandala, looked at it and felt,’ Oh, this is so pretty, I will keep it for myself!’
I have spend from 3 hours to like 4 days making mandalas in every possible colours, sizes, patterns and each one has made me more receptive towards life!
Another pleasure I receive is when I teach someone weaving a mandala. Its incredible to see what they weave, using the same technique as yours.
Mandalas are visually so beautiful, that you could stare at them for hours together and yes I feel the vibrations around me full of positive, protective energy! Its just magic with yarn!

Here is all the magic I have created - click hereMandala 

P.S - I am extremely thankful to Prerna and Julia for introducing me to this Magic!

My 1st Mandala 

Most recent mandala


  1. Work more than wonderful. I need to learn this art. How can I learn this

    1. Hey safeya, you can get in touch with me here - and we can figure out how you can learn it!