Saturday, June 22, 2013

Post 5 - Just Now...

A windy path..breezy day
Walking closer and closer
I sense his presence
He knows I am here too
Its sometime now,
Just when is this now?
And there flying around in the wind
Are my thoughts with wings!
Will there be tears of joy?
Or a shout out for celebration?
Will the eyes meet, then the lips curl into smile?
Or simply a bear hug?
Every breath then would be just asking..
‘where were you?’
The blush on my face will deepen
’what took you so long?’
His touch would then murmur
‘Its us, its magic, it had to take some time!’
A promise in our hearts we make then
This magic is now real, and forever will be ours!
And as the wings of my thoughts rest, I whisper a silent wish
let the now be soon, let it be just now!

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