Monday, March 29, 2010

She was still in love...The madness.

The strings of guitar were never so familiar,
nor was the color blue so lovable...
she still fell in love with them, very peculiar..
wondered she,'why my taste new?'
'Its him', whispered her heart,'Guitar his passion,
color is his blue'...
Her friends claimed, she was struck by madness,
She smiled warmly at them,
'Its pity, you unaware of love and its greatness'..
She was flying, waiting to romance the rains with him,
Blow her birthday candles, with him by her side,
To stand on the beach and enjoy the tide.
She dreamt of taking the seven vows around the holy fire,
For his happiness fight against the world, never tire.

She looked up at the sky, it was blue,
She heard the tunes of the string, but it wasn’t him,
The rains will will her birthday,alongwith tears few..
Leaving behind the shattered dream ,
She ran to face herself, the spark was still there,
She was still in love.


  1. perrrrffeccttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ur poems getting even better ......... loved it.....