Sunday, March 28, 2010

She was still in love...The ring..

She stepped back..he grabbed her
'I know you love me', he said...'accept it!'
'The courage i lack', she quivered,
'Scared i am, is this true or an illusion,
What if you leave? Its all a confusion.'
He held her tight, close to him,
She gave an unwilling fight, to free herself,
'You want me to hold you, you want me feel you', adamant he said,
'I love you crazily, you have no clue.
We are meant to be, you and me, without you i would be dead'.
She trembled in his arm, tears trickling down her cheeks,
'I love you too, don’t you see, you are my only dream, only hope'.
On his knee he went,'Be my girl, with you by my side,
All difficulties, all hurdles we shall cope'.
She smiled, he slid the ring in her finger and held her tight,
In his arms, she spent the rest of the night.

She sat by the bedside, looking at the ring,
Thinking, would my love it bring..?
Her fright then was right, he would go someday,
And leave her in the journey mid way.
She ran to face herself, the spark was there,
She was still in love..



  2. :)...everytime i write these poems, my eyes are moist...[no complains]

  3. welll baby.. whenver its from the heart... eyes have to be moist... fr happiness o sadness :)