Thursday, March 25, 2010

She was still in love...The tears

I need you...were his words, evertime he embraced her
Don’t leave me....he asked for, everytime he caressed her,
He hurt her at times, she caused him pain at times,
In anger they hung the phone...
And later for hours they moaned...waiting for that one ring..
Her heart skipped a beat, when she heard tring tring..
She answered the call and weeped in delight...
I love you my baby, i am sorry, i was wrong and you were right..
Stern in his voice he made a demand, Never apologise,
where there is love, nothing is wrong honey..
everything is lovely and nice..
The urge to meet was even more then, distance between them was unbearable,
She saw him ,he stood and admired her, she rushed to him...
He cupped her face and lifted it up, she dint utter a word..was unable..
He wiped the drops of tears, streaming through her eyes...said,
They are precious my dear, don’t lose it, for me its not bearable...

Sitting at the window, she felt a drop on her finger,
She raised her hand to wipe the tears, but stopped mid way,
Maybe he will come...kiss away the tears, and not let the pain linger,
She waited till the last sun ray...
untill it was dark..and ran to face herself,
she saw the spark,
thought this time, maybe its just the tear....
She wiped them off hastily, and she knew it...
The spark was there...she was still in love..


  1. even better than the last one !!!!!!!!!!! :*

  2. it..? i was kinda doubtful...

  3. naaa.. if its from the heart it is meant to be gud :)

  4. is frm the heart...

  5. hey dis onz really very nice!!!!!!!