Tuesday, March 23, 2010

She was still in love...

She woke up to the sun rise... rubbed her still sleepy...dreamy eyes...
Told herself, its a new day, even the sun had a new ray!
So she was hopeful again...and her dreams seemed to be real again..
The day passed by...she wondered ...nothing has changed yet..why?
She smiled hopefully, believed the moon will bring good news,
But the stars took over the sky that night,
The moon didn't show up and added to her plight,
Never mind, she said, its not the end, the sun will shine tomorrow again ..
Before she knocked on the doors of her dream, she faced herself again,
She saw the spark in her eyes yet again...and knew it..
she was still in love...


  1. another masterpiece from the heart:*

  2. :)...yes..its straight from the heart..!!