Saturday, March 13, 2010

13 to 23...

It was at 13, that i started counting years...for my wedding!! i figured out then atleast 10 more to go...And then i was like, how on earth will these 10 years pass by? what if it never comes? what if i'l never get married? what if i die?

well, it wil be 10 years on may 3rd!! According to the 13 yr old Anshu...finally her wait is over!

It was at the age of 21, that i decided...What is the hurry? Why marry? Why not make a good career, earn and live life? And i got myself engrossed with my career!!

Today , i am on the edge of being 23, looking for a job AND thinking about marriage!!

But throughout this journey, one element was common, the thought...the curiousity..the know...WHO will he be? My brain says...let it be a surprise!! but my heart[ which...btw always works in exact opposite way..] craves to know him...just a hint...small one...

is that YOU?

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