Thursday, March 18, 2010

the wait continues...

I am still waiting for that 1 call... and i am waiting for it since ages... i know someday that call will come and then things will be different[ for better ofcourse..] the change could be in my personal life or professional or even better if its BOTH!![ im greedy for good things in life..!]

Every one awaits for that 1 opportunity in their life... there are many who miss it... some ignore it...thinking they will get a better one[ dint i mention, being greedy,] and some are still waiting... and for some that never comes[ thats what they think]...

I got everything in my life, for some i really had to wait...some i got by just clicking my fingers!!

some i got and let go [ i realized, i dint want it] . I am a believer in miracles, thats why i never lose hope! and now i am hoping for that 1 call..tring...tring..

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