Tuesday, March 23, 2010

architect v/s creative brain...

The other day, when my best friend was busy take lessons of her kids..[not biological...!] and i was busy fiddling with my mobile...then entered the architect...! Though he is speacial to my best friend, but she just gave him a glance and a sweet smile..aawww..!!
and got back to her then changed profession from a C.A to a commerce teacher!!
That left the 3 of us...the architect, the creative brain..[hmm, well...thats me..!!]
and our favorite buddy LUDO..!![ in a very short time, this game has won all our hearts..!!]
Then started the game between the self-claimed king of ludo..i.e the architect and between the master-mind i.e me![ its my blog, obviously i'l give myself better recognition!]
so we played...the dice playing its own trick from changing its position to..'1' from '6'... and my best friend giving us glances [ which meant, we should tone down our exicitement levels, as the 2 kids are trying 2 study..]... after around 20 minutes, I was declared the clear winner, but our dear architect wasnt exactly happy, so he came up with the idea of playing reverse ludo, hoping to defeat the creative brain! I was in for it..then started, the funny, a lil confusing reverse game of ludo...after much awaited anticipation of who will be the winner, the creative brain emerged as the winner again!!
so be it plain or reverse...watch out for the master mind/ creative brain/ me in the game of ludo!!

p.s- my favorite opponent is sardar!!


  1. ofcourse creativity ALWAYS win!!!!

  2. just another bad day at the office.
    not to mention the Architect beat everyone clear everytime we played before.
    so sometimes You loose too.
    p.s.- Architects are creative minds too.
    any doubts?

  3. ya ryt..the architect wins by exchanging '6' with my best friend.!!

    p.s. by creative mind i meant not restricted to creativity in just one field..
    lemme clarify again...i dont mean that this architect's creativity is restricted...
    it was more of a general observation..

  4. hope to win against d creative brain atleast once.........:)