Wednesday, March 24, 2010

She was still in love...The dream

She was in ecstacy...
it was evening...she had spend the whole day with him...
He had called her , when the day began,
She was elated, when she heard him,
Her hopes were dim of hearing her love again,
But the new ray of sun, made her life bright and filled it with fun,
She wore the prettiest dress and let her hair be a mess,
as he always said,
'I love your wavy tress and looks even better if its in a mess,
You look like my sweet angel and in love i fell with your beautiful eyes..'
She blushed...she smiled as she took a stroll down the memory lane...

The day had come to an end, he had kissed her cheek, she ruffled his hair,
He kissed her lips, this sensation was rare..
It was time to say goodbye..she fell in his arms and looked into his eyes,
She saw the spark...she knew, he was still in love...
They drew closer for the goodbye kiss...
She was waiting for this moment and was in bliss..
She closed her eyes as she felt his breath....she opened her eyes for a split,
And there she was in her room, brightly lit...
It was the new ray of the sun, but it didn't bring along any fun,
The spark in his eyes was just a dream,
She ran to face herself...the spark in her eyes was real ..
She knew it...she still was in love..