Friday, March 26, 2010

She was still in love...The memory lane.

She walked down the lanes alone, where once she held his hands and walked..
She looked around, it was the same street,
The same people, same for them seemed like a treat..
She missed him, to hide her tears, looked down to her feet,
'I love that trinket on your ankle...'
startled... she looked up, the world around her came to a still..
'Where are you baby?' she cried..
It was him, his voice...he is here,
To catch a glimpse of him, she tried
She closed her eyes and felt...he was near,
'My love, i am here, no tear, no fear,
I will take you away in my world, and love you till eternity.'
'Take me away baby, take me away' she plead.
Heard the murmuring of people, the noise of the traffic,
She opened her eyes...stood there all alone ,
Felt her heart prick...
She ran to face herself...saw the spark yet again,
she knew it..she was still in love...