Monday, March 22, 2010

Mistakes we make...

Before i start writing anything...i would like to dedicate this to a friend of mine...

Everybody makes mistakes, but some commit sinful crimes!! and i know a friend, who also agrees to what he did was heinous! well...lemme give a name to this friend..-GOOFY!!

well so Goofy is this smart, intellectual, witty guy...[ sometimes his intellectual level is disturbing...and some term it as 'irritating'...!!] Appearance wise, Goofy is tall, good-looking, sturdy/huge...

Suddenly at the young age 17..his brains decide to leave him and go on a break! So now Goofy is clueless about functioning of life without brains. and this is when he becomes a criminal and commits a crime. The impact was so disastrous, that even after 5 years, it still haunts him and his friends [including me] I being his friend, obviously tried explaining the spectators that this isnt him, but his brainless mind..!

After a year, when his brains were back from the vacation, they were shocked to see the damage and immediately did the damage control, So Goofy was a free man again and since then has lived a charming life without any more sins.[ his brains refuse to go on any vacation now, after seeing what had happened in their abscence.]

what exactly was the crime, and who were the other characters involved in this crime, i'l talk about it some other time!

P.S - Goofy...i had tried to save u then, and i will try 2 save u further also!

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